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New Sound Recordings
The golden one
Two kinds of truth
The remains of the day
The Rosie effect
Make your bed : little things that can change your life...and maybe the world
The man who smiled
Alexander Hamilton, revolutionary
The beautiful lost
The graveyard book
Girls made of snow and glass
42 is not just a number
Writing radar
Little house in the big woods
The clue in the papyrus scroll
Basil and the cave of cats
In the shadow of the sun
The Ship of the Dead
The dark prophecy
Pottymouth and Stoopid
A big day for baseball
The legend of the rift
The curse of the king
The tomb of shadows
Lost in Babylon
Diary of a wimpy kid : double down
The colossus rises
Mr. Lemoncello
The phantom of Nantucket
How to be a supervillain
Stella by starlight
The losers club
Quests for glory
Royal crush
Tumble & blue
I survived the American Revolution, 1776
Girls who code : learn to code and change the world
The Traveling Wilburys collection.
A Christmas return